Living in resonance with your body.

"Listening to the body an welcoming what is. Being aware.

Dancing with all fears and dreams and daring a fall. Being connected.

Inhaling change and not apologizing for what you are.

being healthy and powerful. Trusting and shining in your own strenght. being free.

Courage and magic often go together."

„Awareness lives in eternity but dances in time.“


stretch, breath, move, connect

Movement and attention-training

every friday morning in Kreuzberg


9.30-10.30 a.m

Open for everyone who wants to move a bit out of the

known range...

Every week we focus on a slightly different bodyparts

and topics. Using simple & effective excersies and partly


What moves us?

We train our awareness, coordination, and the entire

body will be involved and strengthened.

With music and in silence.

Into new directions, out of physical-mental boundaries,

expanding our perception and gaining back energy. For pleasure and bodyawarenss and a great start into the week-end.

10 € drop in class

Studio für Körperaufmerksamkeit, Körtestr. 8 in 10967

 Please shortly register before:

& please bring comfortable clothes


Embodied Pride.


Being confident, authentic & trustful in your own skin.


a workshop for queer people.

more information coming soon...

registration under

trusting the power of your transition.

-an encounter with your strength-

4 meetings of holistic bodywork

Extraordinary times ask for our extraordinary attention.
We and our body are constantly in a state of transformative processes, in growth and longing for change.
How can we support ourself, to gain more well-being, more clarity and strenght in order to follow our wishes, to connect to our own powerful sources & go for the visions and life we love?

This process is an individual tailored 4 session-meeting and will give you tools how to connect to your strength and helps guiding you towards whatever aims you want to follow in 2017:
- maybee just wanting time for yourself, listening beyond the daily noises
- creating an impact on changing physical conditions
- creating more clarity for upcoming projects and plans
Trusting our body is allways relevant, for us and the world we life in.
I will be offering this package of 4 sessions with a 20% discount (180€) by registration until 31.Jan.2017
Let´s make this a courageous year together!
I am very much looking forward to meeting from you!