Recovery processes are about supporting and accelerating the body's vitality and natural recovery process. These sessions are suitable for people who want to change their acute,
chronic or recurring pain and/or who wish to recover from these physical symptoms.
The sessions are about perceiving more clearly what the body needs in the current state to get better faster.


For chronic as well as acute pain, this can mean understanding how to automatically react to the pain, e.g. by automatically tensing the muscles etc. When you learn to stop automatically controlling what is happening physically at the moment, energy is freed up and the body can more easily take care of healing.
Depending on the urgency of your condition or the nature of your symptom, the frequency of sessions and the course of the healing process may vary individually.

Conditions include:

  • menstrual pain
  • headaches, migraines
  • neck, shoulder pain
  • back pain, slipped disc
  • injuries after accidents
  • discomforts after an operation
  • preparation for an upcoming surgery
  • unhealed or healed scars

Intensive sessions (intensives), as the name suggests, offer the opportunity to increase the intensity of a process and in a very short time make a big learning step. Recommended are e.g. 2 sessions daily within 2-5 days.This option is especially interesting and effective for people who don't live in Berlin and can only get sessions every few weeks, for example.
Feel free to ask me if a recovery or intensive process makes sense for you!

You are a professional dancer/performer and just injured or suffering from an old injury/surgery?
Ask me for a special offer!