"Meeting Benjamin was indeed a life changing experience for me! One of the most important persons for me this year and probably for my whole future! An awesome practitioner, therapist and vibrant warm soul!"

(graphic-designer/36 years)

"It was a truly soothing and very special day for me and I would like to thank Benjamin with all my heart for it, especially for the perspective to scoop out of abundance.-that is so rare and so important when we want to create something positive in this world.

I finally felt far away from all kind of "labels" ,but simply as a human being who does not have to apologize for anything, and has not to fit into any drawer and is allowed to connect to others at the same time.

I hope it will continue for us all on this path!"

I had an incredible session with Benjamin. Truly transformative!

(dancer, performance artist)

"It is truly wonderful to see when a person follows the mission of his heart and lives his greatest potential. Then everything this person gives is based on love, comes from the heart, comes from the divine. Every touch, every healing impulse Ben gives through his heart is divine love. So much empathy. So much connection. So much flow! Thank you Ben!

(writer, blogger, coach)

I had a session with Benjamin, and all I can say is that he made me feel super comfortable...I felt like he totally knew what he was doing which allowed me to relax and focus on my body/internal work. He was very sensitive to subtle things that were coming up for me and could give helpful inputs through gentle touch and observations without being overpowering. He was an excellent guide and facilitator, and I had a powerful session allowing me to feel deeper an issue that I was aware of but hadn't really acknowledged. I was able to confront compassionately this issue I was having around heartbreak...something that I was wanting to ignore...it was a helpful step to feel myself tenderly and have Ben there to help move me through. Thanks!!! and yes, I of course highly recommend.

(dancer, performance artist, choreographer/ 33 years)

"I am going to see Benjamin Block since almost a year now and my experience is fabulous !

I have noticed changes in my posture and breathing.

I used not to be able to fully breathe but after a few sessions we unblocked some tensions that allowed me to take deeper breath.

Ben as been supporting me and guiding as well in a big body transformation that I am undergoing as a trans women.

I used to be very disconnected to my own self, and the sessions together tremendously helped me in my posture and anxiety reflexes.

Now when I get stressed and the body protective reactions occurs, I am aware of it and I have the tools to take back control over myself.

I strongly recommend Benjamin Block for his professionalism as well as fo his beautiful personality.“

(freelance artist, 32 years)

"At the end of the session I felt in my body at home."
(C. / 30 years)