Learning process

„I want to learn to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.“

We all want to have a life full of health as well as the possibility to realise our wishes and goals powerful and lively.
I believe in the power of change and in the ability of learning through and with the body.


During our lifetime we have acquired a variety of individual strategies and routines to master our lives. Many of these behaviors once used to be meaningful and important, or have been useful to us, e.g. for our protection.


But over the course of time, these habits and viewing angles from which we used to look at our world are rather hindering. They often stand in our way, impede our growth and strenght and prevent us from creatively and openly reacting to new challenges that life offers us.

 Each of us knows situations that make us feel constrained and have thoughts and moods that make us feel powerless and not free.


In the long run this spoils our energy and creates disconnection to our own wisdom, creates dissatisfaction and stress. We feel that we aren’t who we might really be and that we don’t live as we could.

In a learning process, the desire for growth, personal development and better health is at the forefront.


The training of our attention allows ourselves to move past the conventional and to deliberately discover our behaviour rooted in our body and mind through goal-oriented processes.
The more we allow to listen to our body and
invite its knowledge and own magic, the more we feel connected with it.
We perceive much more clearity about our current possibilities and needs and become able to manage them in a completely new way and being.

In the end the aim is to return the body to its greatest possible freedom, so that it can “work”, manage and react according to its own logic and beautiful wisdom. At the beginning this might seem unusual, but it precisely represents the power of learning- always with the aim of evolving and of improving:
Creating space for different and new sensations and experiences- a space for our strength and qualities, for our feelings, desires and dreams, for silence and simply for BEING.

My therapeutic work is holistic and involves the physical, emotional, cognitive and relational levels. Furthermore, it is explicitly queer-friendly; it is important for me to offer a safe and supportive space for clients who identify as queer, gay, lesbian, bi, inter, trans, non-binary, pan... Of course, the same goes for anyone who does not define themselves as queer.


Possible effects and results of a somatic learning process:

  • You feel your own power and energy is stronger in everyday life.
  • Your perception of fear and pain changes.
  • You have more rest and wellness.
  • You are more able to listen rather than to judge.
  • You let yourself relax more easily.
  • Your thinking is quieter and you are more present in your own body.
  • Your body presence and your breathing changes.
  • You attain better access to your own resources and to much more vitality and health.
  • Your relationship with others changes and you have a clearer sense of what you need.