systemic family constellation & bodywork

Constellation work - also called family constellation, systemic or structural constellation - is a therapeutic method that can unfold its power in both group and individual settings. Constellation work originated in family therapy, was further developed in the past decades and is suitable for a wide variety of concerns: physical complaints or illnesses, emotional blockages, relationship conflicts (partnership, family, friendship, professional...), difficult decisions or life questions to which you have not yet found an answer. Constellation work is often particularly helpful with issues where you feel you "don't know or understand what is going on". Examples include physical ailments of unclear origin, incomprehensible relationship conflicts, elusive emotional states or puzzling transgenerational (occurring over several generations in a family) dynamics.


In short, the procedure is as follows: we explore your topic and it's important aspects through a conversation. The aspects can be persons, feelings, open questions, emotional states (paralysis, diffuse fear...), physical symptoms, organs etc.


In the group setting you then choose one person from the group for each aspect - also for yourself - and intuitively lead them to a place in the room. They are called representatives. This creates a "sculpture" of your theme. For example, you (your representative) might be standing in the middle of the room with fear (the representative for fear) close to you in your path, lightness far away in the corner facing the wall and seemingly out of reach, your partner helplessly next to you. This sculpture can bring first insights, make cross-connections clearer, make the theme clearer. Then, step by step, a solution is worked out, whereby the expression of blocked feelings and the search for a coherent, healer, freer new "sculpture" play the central roles. I as the leader of the constellation accompany this process. Experience shows each time that the representatives intuitively gain a connection to the aspect they are representing, and can say revealing things about it and express pent-up feelings. In a constellation on the family of origin, for example, it often becomes clearer how traumatic experiences of your parents or conflicts in their partnership or with their own parents have shaped you, even if your parents may never have talked about it. In constellation work, there are therefore different techniques to solve the issues that were "in the air" in your family of origin and perhaps also "deposited" in you in a certain way, but which actually do not belong to you, but to your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

At first you observe the constellation from the outside and let it have an effect on you, let feelings arise and flow that this brings with it. As the constellation progresses, there is a change and you enter the constellation yourself, while your representative leaves, so that you can find and experience the solution yourself. The constellation is finished when the issue has been clarified or resolved as far as possible in this step and a new sculpture has emerged: its essence is always more connection and understanding - between you and the people with whom a conflict exists, between you and your feelings, your body, your history...


In the individual setting we work accordingly with figurines or chairs that represent the important aspects. In the first step we also create a sculpture of your issue so that you can look at it from above and become more aware of backgrounds, dynamics and connections.This often enables a deeper access to the feelings and physical tensions or complaints connected to it.Then we also look for a solution by working out a more healed, freer constellation step by step. For example, we look at who or what is too close or too distant to you, what feelings are standing in the way of change (for example, a solidified fear or a layer of unresolved grief), how you can and want to transform the issue. Apart from the solution processes on an emotional level, constellation work also often enables a deeper access to your intuition: for example, when you constellate a difficult decision, the different options become more tangible, more vivid and more palpable.

I am looking forward to your request!