About me

I was born in 1980 and grew up in Berlin. Since 2004 I hold my master in Dance from the Folkwang-Universität in Essen. Since then, I have collaborated with several theatres and companies as an ensemble member as well as a freelancer. I have created and choreographed my own works and delivered classes and various workshops.

I have always longed for a deeper understanding of the physical and how it connects us in our lives.

My image of human is based on the conviction that people want to develop and unfold themselves and their their environment constructively. Nevertheless, we sometimes end up in dead ends that we can not find out on our own

2012 I had an operation on a long-lasting knee injury, which really made me question my direction. It made me wonder even more about what else I wanted to achieve in my life. I was afraid of making a decision about what I would be doing after my recovery. My body was tired, my head was heavy, and I felt fear. Especially when my questions to myself were coming so fast – faster than they had before. Questions like: Can I still dance? What does having limits mean? Can I give myself time out? Am I creative enough? Am I good enough? Can my body do this? What about my future? Who shall I be? I was clearly looking for a perspective and change.

 The experiences in the sessions and the process, allowed me to get over my physical pains and my fears. I learned to manage them so that they wouldn’t rise up again like an unscaleable mountain. For the first time in years, I had the feeling that I could open my mind more and pay more attention to many subjects and questions from the past. Which made made it easier for me to perceive my qualities and my potential as well as my wishes and needs of the now.

The work touches me daily and  from the beginning my instinctive feeling was there: I simply love working with people and their bodies at that level of intensity! Since then, I have been trying to live both professions and partly to connect them- which I am very happy about!

In this work there is an aspect that facilitates healing or self-healing - as it did in my case during my knee surgery and other periods of my life when I was in poor health. It is such an exciting experience to see and feel how my life has changed, how it has become more flexible and open.I can feel my love for life more intensely!

I am really grateful for this, and for the fact that these experiences allow me to offer and share with my all clients*, my knowledge, curiosity and courage about growth and learning. Learning through and with my clients* greatly inspires me every day.

Attending and giving sessions is like a dance for me.

Members of socially suppressed communities and identities often find it particularly difficult to find secure spaces. Through my work, I want to help create such places. It is therefore important to me to always consider social power relations, to reflect on my own identities and privileges.


As a queer non-binary person I am part of the queer community and feel connected to it in particular.



I have been working with clients* in individual processes and workshops since 2013.

Since than i regularly attend various seminars and workshops to get new impulses for my work and i am regularly supervised.

I offer sessions in German and English.