Embodied Pride.

Being confident, authentic & trustful in your own skin.

Celebrating diversity as strength.

A one day workshop for queer people.

(each date can be booked individualy!)


am 10.06.17 embodied pride Nr.3 (12h-18h)

am 20.07.17 (18h-20h) "CSD/ pride march warm-up special"

am 05.08.17 embodied pride Nr.4 (12h-18h)


Connecting to our authentic pride helps us to boost our vivid love;

our love helps us to heal and spread healing, to influence our lifes and to stand confident for what we want and what we dont want.
Its going to be summer and pride season as well. Wich is not particular relevant but gives another change to maybe practice our pride while connectiing with our body and heart even more, showing ourselves outside, marching, gathering with others in these days...

What a participant wrote about it:

"It was a truly soothing and very special day for me and I would like to thank Benjamin with all my heart for it, especially for the perspective to scoop out of abundance.-that is so rare and so important when we want to create something positive in this world.

I finally felt far away from all kind of "labels" ,but simply as a human being who does not have to apologize for anything, and has not to fit into any drawer and is allowed to connect to others at the same time.

I hope it will continue for us all on this path!


Pride = a feeling, deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated and connected, or from qualities that are admired.

The word pride can be easily stereotyped, overused and misunderstood.

And yet it is an significant topic for most queer people.

How have certain experiences of our (collective) history shaped our bodies, our behavior and our identity?

Which conclusions and fixed point of views are maybe keeping us from consciously perceiving how powerful we are today?


This workshop is an approach to connect to our authentic pride as a source of our individual and collective growth & strength:

A source we can use to empower ourselves, our health and well-being as well as our relationships towards others and the world.

We will empower our visions and special talents through strengthening our body awareness, embracing our courage and trusting the abilities of our bodies to expand and heal in any emotional/ internal level.

Connecting to the different individual qualities of pride, trusting our hearts and using that energy to follow our desires and dreams...

Consciously embodying the freedom we love and admire so much.


 We will learn, move and explore together, feel the power of each and every one, create a space of trust and growth, have the chance to connect with each other and support each other in different ways...

A safe space of emotional and physical extension and unfolding.

One very important part will be to connect to our past as a source of our wisdom & strenght: We detect old counter-productive intentions dynamics and transform them into something vivid and heathly for our life today.

We will allow to listen more specifically to our internal body, train attention in different ways, finding more inner silence and trust by connecting the mind with the body. A combination of movement, simple and effective excercises, mindfulness as well as voice and writing practices - so we´ll breathe, move, dance, expand, write, talk, shake, let go, invite...


Come and join as you are, with your desire to explore and connect.
With your curiosity and your doubts as well as your wishes...
The workshop is open to anyone, with or without movement/ bodywork experience. The number of participants is limited. So please reserve your place! (each date can be booked individually)

The workshop will be held in English and German. There will be translation.

For any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

80,00 € of energy exchange per workshop
65,00 € for early bird registration

Embodied pride Nr.3 // on the 10.06.17 (12h-18h)
early bird until 10.05.17
Embodied pride Nr.4 // on the 05.08.17 (12h-18h)
early bird until 02.07.17

for the 20.07.17 (18h-20h) a "CSD/ pride march warm up"
(donation based energy exchange, registration needed)
Even if you are not marching, we could gather to send out our energy of pride to the community...


Anmeldung/ registration:


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